I share with you my Shoe Collection

EN. Dear Miaus! It has been a long time since the last time I write to you, my health has not been the best lately and I've been taking care of my self but I'm finally having some time to write to you, well not properly write but more about talk in a video! the … Continue reading I share with you my Shoe Collection

Same Shirt, 5 Ways

EN. Hi Miaus! Thank you for coming over to read this new post on the blog I hope you like it, it has been lots of fun in the photo shooting and I'm pretty sure you'll find it interesting. I know getting the most of our clothes could be sometimes difficult because we do not want … Continue reading Same Shirt, 5 Ways

Lilac flowers on my flats

EN. Dear Miaus, March is already here!!! Christmas  was just a sight ago and now we are just about to be on spring! Well for Guadalajara where we have 25ºC average along the year so season weather change is not drastic but at least I can use fresh clothes since early morning. In this post I … Continue reading Lilac flowers on my flats

The white button-up shirt twist

EN.A nice white button-up is a must on every closet, they are so versatile that you can wear them formal, informal, for day or for night, almost for everything and look polished and fresh <3, so when I found this shirt with a twist from the classic, it totally catch my eye!. I love the … Continue reading The white button-up shirt twist

Autumn & Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2016

EN.Dear miaus, I'm super excited about this new season that is just going to start! and if you are as well as me crazy for the fall/winter trends that are in their way I cannot blame you! Here I made a summary of the nice trends we are going to see all over around next … Continue reading Autumn & Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2016

The eternal addiction: Handbags

EN.We are all in love with, at least, one pretty handbag miaus and we cannot do less than admit it but as well as in clothing there are some recommendations that could be useful to choose the ideal handbag depending on your body type, height and lifestyle so here are some ideas and options for you. ES.Todas … Continue reading The eternal addiction: Handbags