Luna wear yoga

EN. One of the pieces that was very hard to find in Guadalajara within the local design has been sports wear. I can understand that required technology to compete with the big brands can be overwhelming however I am pleased to see brands that came up with a design proposal that makes you want to buy them, … Continue reading Luna wear yoga

This week let’s… Try aromatherapy

EN.Hi miaus! The post for this week is something not so new for me I hope you may like to give a try. Aromatherapy could sound like a romantic walk trough perfume aisle on Sephora but the truth is it could really help you with stress. The first time I hear about aromatherapy I did not think … Continue reading This week let’s… Try aromatherapy

This week let’s… Try a new activity as workout

EN.Dear Miaus! Over the last months we had many different ideas to improve our habits to be healthier and happier, in order to keep going this week let's talk about doing a different workout. At this point of the year our goals regard being on shape are probably being neglected so why not to find … Continue reading This week let’s… Try a new activity as workout

This week let’s… Meditate

EN. Miaus! February is here and I hope you are in the way to meet all your goals and I hope these posts (This week let’s…) are helping you to stay tuned with healthy and better habits to incorporate to your every day routine. Something that is super difficult for me is keep my sheep … Continue reading This week let’s… Meditate