The summer that fall off

EN. Dear readers, thank you very much for coming to read my blog, as you may have noticed it had been centuries without posting anything, if I'm being honest, the confinement kept me very focused on my work and without pretexts to go out or take very cool photos as I like,  I did not wanted … Continue reading The summer that fall off

Black summer

EN. Hi people, thanks for coming back to my blog, if you follow me on instagram you will have already noticed that I uploaded these photos a few days ago, but I decided to make a post to tell you a little bit about the outfit, lately I've also been wondering a lot if I should … Continue reading Black summer

Maurie + Eve

EN. The first time I saw the photos of this brand on Instagram as advertising, I could not help following them, everything they do looks super cool and relaxed but elegant at the same time. As with many other brands that I find online, I decided to be cautious and do some research on them before … Continue reading Maurie + Eve

A midsummer morning’s dream

EN. Dear Miaus! I hope you are doing well, it has been some time since the last post and there is a very good reason for it! this time I'b bringing to you very special pictures <3. These are the result of an awesome collaboration between a bunch of powerful women plus different Mexican brands, … Continue reading A midsummer morning’s dream

Summertime Sadness

EN. Dear Miaus, summer is around the corner, we all can feel it in the air here in Guadalajara; Fortunately for us is only matter of getting a cold drink and enjoy, so I made this post for you miaus hoping to inspire you with some nice pics of the bath suit I love and … Continue reading Summertime Sadness

Same Shirt, 5 Ways

EN. Hi Miaus! Thank you for coming over to read this new post on the blog I hope you like it, it has been lots of fun in the photo shooting and I'm pretty sure you'll find it interesting. I know getting the most of our clothes could be sometimes difficult because we do not want … Continue reading Same Shirt, 5 Ways