EN. Pointed shoes are beautiful, to my liking an ultra basic in any closet, however, not all pointed flats are cute, there is something in the shape, the make that makes them special, as are those made by Margaux. ES. Los zapatos en punta son hermosos, a mi gusto un ultra basico en cualquier closet, sin embargo … Continue reading Margaux


Pia y Mila

EN. Hello again Miaus! It has been a long time since I wrote about Mexican brands but today I want to return to it with this original brand from Guanajuato that I loved since the first time I saw them several editions ago at the Bazaar La Mirilla in Guadalajara. Pia & Mila is distinguished by … Continue reading Pia y Mila

I share with you my Shoe Collection

EN. Dear Miaus! It has been a long time since the last time I write to you, my health has not been the best lately and I've been taking care of my self but I'm finally having some time to write to you, well not properly write but more about talk in a video! the … Continue reading I share with you my Shoe Collection

Shopping at… Mali Collection Room

EN. Dear Miaus! as you know I only like to go shopping when I'm breathing, so some weeks ago when my sister invite me the breakfast on a holiday morning we went to one of our favourite restaurants in Guadalajara, Maison Paulette in Providencia neighbourhood and I was pleased to find a pretty clothing boutique just … Continue reading Shopping at… Mali Collection Room

Shopping at…Perugia

EN. Dear Miaus, as you have notice I'm just trying to get in schedule with all the post of the blog and today I bring to you another post for shopping options, in this case about shoes. The brand I choose today is PERUGIA, this company started in Mexico city in 1972 and eventually moved manufacture facilities … Continue reading Shopping at…Perugia

Summer outfit trends

EN.Hello Miaus! Today I feel really excited because we finally have a super cool summery weather here in Guadalajara and I'm crazy about wearing fresh and cool outfits, I already buy some new tops that I would love to wear as soon as possible!. In order to be ready for shopping on the trends of … Continue reading Summer outfit trends