Good Bye Summer Guadalajara

EN. Dear Miaus, we are enjoying the last days of this cool time of the year: summer! and what I think is the best way to do it is to be tourist in your own city, go to walk around downtown, delight your family with a delicious meal on a nice restaurant, visit a museum. ES. Queridos … Continue reading Good Bye Summer Guadalajara

The white button-up shirt twist

EN.A nice white button-up is a must on every closet, they are so versatile that you can wear them formal, informal, for day or for night, almost for everything and look polished and fresh <3, so when I found this shirt with a twist from the classic, it totally catch my eye!. I love the … Continue reading The white button-up shirt twist

All black everything 

EN.Hi Miaus!!! Today and just because I love it so much I dedicate this post to one of my favorites outfits ever, the never fail monochromatic all-black-everything. This color is usually associated to death and sadness but in fashion this is "the color". One of the favorites of Coco Chanel to redefine elegant femininity with … Continue reading All black everything