I moved to California

EN. Hi Dear friends! well this is not a surprise, specially for those who follow me on instagram but I just moved to California, I'm not even close to L.A.   so don't get ideas that I'm getting full time fashion blogger position, reality is a little bit more interesting and may be boring from … Continue reading I moved to California

This week let’s… get romantic

EN.Dear miaus is unbelievable how fast this year is going by and almost in the end of the first quarter is a good moment to meditate about our personal goals and verify how are we doing with them, are you still eating healthy food everyday? are you keep exercising regularly? Have you positive mindset?... This … Continue reading This week let’s… get romantic

Music – the good vibe conductor

EN.Hi there miaus!!! It has been centuries since the last time I wrote to you and this is because I has been on vacation :P, I did not visit the beach or even go out of town but these days has been great to rest and sleep a lot, but today is the day to … Continue reading Music – the good vibe conductor

The eternal quest for the perfect gift

I cannot believe that we are so near to Christmas!!! and yes, as you can tell I am a huge fan and not just because the gifts and the food, is because of this feeling of bounding with that people that matters to you, because of this moment of introspection that I assume everybody takes … Continue reading The eternal quest for the perfect gift

Everything is changing

Dear and furry miaus:The last month has been very exiting for me, so many things have changed!. As you may already know I live with my boyfriend and my three baby cats (and I said baby because they are like my kids).  We moved to a pretty new home which is super cool but also … Continue reading Everything is changing

My crazy dependency on technology

Hello miaus! Last week something crazy happened  to me and I really would like to share it with you guys and gals; everyday I go to work with my boyfriend, basically he drives me to work and everything is cool, but all this week he  has been on travel so a friend drove me to work... … Continue reading My crazy dependency on technology