Fabrica de Punto

Fabrica de Punto: Quality is more than what you have in your hands after the purchase

EN. Hi people! I hope you are doing very well no matter what stage of quarantine you are in. I know that these have been strange times for everyone but I want to believe that the situation has made us see our reality in a different way, especially  how the way we consume shapes our way … Continue reading Fabrica de Punto: Quality is more than what you have in your hands after the purchase


EN. Extravagant campaign aesthetics for an easily chic design product, a winning pairing. I'm still learning about fashion, brands and styling, to be honest I think I'll never stop learning about it. As you may have noticed one of the things that I enjoy the most is looking for brands that communicate identity with their design, … Continue reading Medea

Alhaja Shoes

EN. Every now and then I look for a new pair of distinctive shoes to add to my wardrobe, I usually get cool basics and fun shoes, so when is time to get something really cool I like to go for the underground brands, that's exactly how I found this brand, Alhaja. They have few beautiful … Continue reading Alhaja Shoes


EN. Am I the only one who has a complicated relationship with hats? They seem super cool and I think they are an original and interesting accessory, but in my day to day I definitely suffer to give them regular use, however this does not limit me to be free to use them on special occasions … Continue reading Pasionarte

Spoiler alert: You don’t have a size

EN. Hello my dear friends and I say that because I know the ones that come over to read are indeed my friends. I really love you to read and I love more to talk with you. I bring to you this post because once I learned this basic truth (in the title) I felt free … Continue reading Spoiler alert: You don’t have a size

Glen Plaid & Red Shoes

EN. Nothing works better as statement as Red. Dear Miaus whenever in doubt go for this color, may be not for all the outfit, may be you can now the all monochrome look is so hot; in any case red shoes, lips or any detail are great ideas to stand out. ES. Nada funciona mejor … Continue reading Glen Plaid & Red Shoes