Geek Girls MX Meetup09

EN. Dear Miaus! This year is going very fast and many things happened before I moved to California, one of them was the Geek Girls Meet Up!! It happened on January and I wrote most of the post since then but I totally forgot to publish it!!! And since the community is awesome and they keep … Continue reading Geek Girls MX Meetup09

Fuerza Mexico

EN. This month Mexico has been in the news all around the world because of the incredible willpower the people show in adversity. Is ironic because we do celebrate our independency day on September 16th (this is the real deal date for Mexico and not May the 5th) and this year the tragedy give us a … Continue reading Fuerza Mexico

Shopping at… Nimia

EN. With a name that honor it's dimensions, Nimia, is a tiny design store in the hipster heart of the city, nevertheless I would not say that this store surrender to trends is quite the opposite, everything in this store intends to provoke, from clothes, illustration books, pins to shoes and purses, all here is absolutely … Continue reading Shopping at… Nimia

Awesome Mexican brands that have the perfect Christmas presents

EN. Yes, we are a month away from Christmas and I'm already posting about this, but is for a good reason! We are just in the right moment to buy presents with time enough to get just the right thing for each person (in this regard I recommend you to  read the post "The eternal quest … Continue reading Awesome Mexican brands that have the perfect Christmas presents

Dia de Muertos

EN. To finish with Día de Muertos celebration here I share with you my Catrina photo shoot. La Catrina is a popular character of Mexican culture began as the face of society that used to ridicule and criticise the country situation through verses charged with satire and named "The skull Garbancera" for his first engraver Jose Guadalupe Posada , … Continue reading Dia de Muertos

The white button-up shirt twist

EN.A nice white button-up is a must on every closet, they are so versatile that you can wear them formal, informal, for day or for night, almost for everything and look polished and fresh <3, so when I found this shirt with a twist from the classic, it totally catch my eye!. I love the … Continue reading The white button-up shirt twist