I share with you my Shoe Collection

EN. Dear Miaus! It has been a long time since the last time I write to you, my health has not been the best lately and I've been taking care of my self but I'm finally having some time to write to you, well not properly write but more about talk in a video! the … Continue reading I share with you my Shoe Collection

Summertime Sadness

EN. Dear Miaus, summer is around the corner, we all can feel it in the air here in Guadalajara; Fortunately for us is only matter of getting a cold drink and enjoy, so I made this post for you miaus hoping to inspire you with some nice pics of the bath suit I love and … Continue reading Summertime Sadness

Shopping at… Mali Collection Room

EN. Dear Miaus! as you know I only like to go shopping when I'm breathing, so some weeks ago when my sister invite me the breakfast on a holiday morning we went to one of our favourite restaurants in Guadalajara, Maison Paulette in Providencia neighbourhood and I was pleased to find a pretty clothing boutique just … Continue reading Shopping at… Mali Collection Room