2020 Mexican Brands gift guide: Clothing

  ES. Holi! muchas gracias por venir de nuevo al blog! Como cada año en mi instagram comparto desde el primero de diciembre hasta noche buena, cada día, una marca Mexicana para tener opciones nacionales en dónde comprar regalos y también para cualquier compra en general; este año me gustaría publicar un resumen de las … Continue reading 2020 Mexican Brands gift guide: Clothing

2020 Mexican Brands gift guide: Cool Details

Buscando regalos muy cool? no solo para navidad pero para todo el año.

2020 Mexican Brands gift guide: Home

EN. Hi! thank you very much for coming back to the blog! As every year on my instagram I share from December 1 until Christmas Eve, every day, a Mexican brand to have national options where to buy gifts and also for any purchase in general; This year I would like to publish a summary of … Continue reading 2020 Mexican Brands gift guide: Home

Ivan Avalos

EN. Unapologetic and happily free, that is how I would describe this brand. I've been looking around for their designs for a while but so far I've not yet being able to see one of their pieces in person. Sadly for me, the brand was present on the last Intermoda event in Guadalajara, so I was … Continue reading Ivan Avalos

Alhaja Shoes

EN. Every now and then I look for a new pair of distinctive shoes to add to my wardrobe, I usually get cool basics and fun shoes, so when is time to get something really cool I like to go for the underground brands, that's exactly how I found this brand, Alhaja. They have few beautiful … Continue reading Alhaja Shoes

Luna wear yoga

EN. One of the pieces that was very hard to find in Guadalajara within the local design has been sports wear. I can understand that required technology to compete with the big brands can be overwhelming however I am pleased to see brands that came up with a design proposal that makes you want to buy them, … Continue reading Luna wear yoga