Eco-Fashion in Guadalajara: Trueque de Moda

EN. Dear Miaus, thanks for coming over to read my blog! I love to look up and share interesting topics for you and for this post I want to invite you to one of the most cool and eco-fashion events I've the opportunity to attend here in Guadalajara: Fashion Bartering. ES. Querid@s Miaus, gracias por … Continue reading Eco-Fashion in Guadalajara: Trueque de Moda

Geek Girls Meet Up #08

EN. Dear Miaus, thanks for coming over to read my posts, I just want to really say THANKS! That means a lot to me, once this has been said (or written down) I can start with this amazing post; if you follow me in instagram you may already know of what happened on January 27, … Continue reading Geek Girls Meet Up #08

Geek Girls Meetup #7

EN. Dear Miaus! These days we are living on a hostile environment for diversity but also we have strong movements to support and give women tools to succeed. Here in Guadalajara the Geek Girls Mx Community is committed to empower women of the region based on collaboration, in order to do so they work all the year … Continue reading Geek Girls Meetup #7

This week let’s… Declutter

EN. To continue with the good habit or nice thing to do of the week as we has been doing all this year, this week I want to talk to you about declutter , is not just good to keep your stuff in order, when you clean and get rid of things you don't use or … Continue reading This week let’s… Declutter

Geek Girls Meet Up #6

Hi Miaus!!! Hey I want to tell you about an incredible event in which I participated this Saturday; Everything happened here in my town: Guadalajara, Jalisco (for those ones that didn't know it) specifically on the Intel site in this city. I've never been in a meet up before but I really enjoy it because … Continue reading Geek Girls Meet Up #6