Shopping at Be Apple

EN.As you could notice from the recently published post in the blog I've been visiting some local shops like Defactori and Empathy Store here in Guadalajara and in this post I want to share with you one small boutique full with feminine stuff that you'll love. ES.Como se habran dado cuenta por los recientes posts … Continue reading Shopping at Be Apple

Shopping at Defactory

EN. Hello Miaus! As you can see I've been doing some research about nice shops in Guadalajara just to find nice places to go shopping in my city 😛 and nothing better than share it with you <3. Today I bring to you one of the shops I was waiting to visit since long time ago … Continue reading Shopping at Defactory

This week let’s… Try aromatherapy

EN.Hi miaus! The post for this week is something not so new for me I hope you may like to give a try. Aromatherapy could sound like a romantic walk trough perfume aisle on Sephora but the truth is it could really help you with stress. The first time I hear about aromatherapy I did not think … Continue reading This week let’s… Try aromatherapy

Shopping at Empathy Store

EN.Hi Miaus! As you know I like to look around my beloved Guadalajara for nice clothing stores and local designers. Last weekend I found this pretty store, very complete and with true treasures from Mexican designers and other interesting stuff. ES.Hola Miaus! Como ustedes ya saben me encanta andar por mi amada Guadalajara buscando por lindas … Continue reading Shopping at Empathy Store

Are you already on Snapchat?

EN.Dear Miaus are you already on Snapchat? I love this application, is all fun and super easy to use! I love to share moments and experience with people all around the world. I follow friends and also people that I do not personally know but the great thing is that you could see many interesting … Continue reading Are you already on Snapchat?

Summer outfit trends

EN.Hello Miaus! Today I feel really excited because we finally have a super cool summery weather here in Guadalajara and I'm crazy about wearing fresh and cool outfits, I already buy some new tops that I would love to wear as soon as possible!. In order to be ready for shopping on the trends of … Continue reading Summer outfit trends