Shopping at… Oxen Concept Store

EN. Dear Miaus, thanks again for coming over to my blog to read <3, it means a lot to me! This time I'm sharing with you the last *AMAZING* store I found here in Guadalajara, this store has set my expectations to a whole new level with products as well as decoration and concept, this … Continue reading Shopping at… Oxen Concept Store

Shopping at…Templo Tzu

Sad update, I went on November 2018 to visit the store and is gone, I was not able to identify if they moved or simply closed, I reach out for them on Instagram to check what was going on but so far I've not receive any answer, it seems the store is permanently closed now. Una triste actualizacion, … Continue reading Shopping at…Templo Tzu

Shopping at… Éxodo Concept Store

EN. Dear Miaus, thanks once again for coming over to read to my blog! This time I'm documenting my last Friday shopping tour, if you already follow me on instagram, you already know what I'm talking about but if not please follow me so you don't miss any visit to interesting stores here in Guadalajara, … Continue reading Shopping at… Éxodo Concept Store

Hunting for a Made in Mexico Handbag: 6 Brands you cannot miss

EN. Dear Miaus, thanks for coming over to read a little bit about Mexican Design and Handbags, these are two of my favourite topics to share with you and as long as my birthday is around the corner I'm looking for my perfect present <3, continue reading because I think you may find some interesting … Continue reading Hunting for a Made in Mexico Handbag: 6 Brands you cannot miss

Shopping at… Nimia

EN. With a name that honor it's dimensions, Nimia, is a tiny design store in the hipster heart of the city, nevertheless I would not say that this store surrender to trends is quite the opposite, everything in this store intends to provoke, from clothes, illustration books, pins to shoes and purses, all here is absolutely … Continue reading Shopping at… Nimia

Shopping at Empathy Store

EN.Hi Miaus! As you know I like to look around my beloved Guadalajara for nice clothing stores and local designers. Last weekend I found this pretty store, very complete and with true treasures from Mexican designers and other interesting stuff. ES.Hola Miaus! Como ustedes ya saben me encanta andar por mi amada Guadalajara buscando por lindas … Continue reading Shopping at Empathy Store