2020 Mexican Brands gift guide: Clothing

  ES. Holi! muchas gracias por venir de nuevo al blog! Como cada año en mi instagram comparto desde el primero de diciembre hasta noche buena, cada día, una marca Mexicana para tener opciones nacionales en dónde comprar regalos y también para cualquier compra en general; este año me gustaría publicar un resumen de las … Continue reading 2020 Mexican Brands gift guide: Clothing

The summer that fall off

EN. Dear readers, thank you very much for coming to read my blog, as you may have noticed it had been centuries without posting anything, if I'm being honest, the confinement kept me very focused on my work and without pretexts to go out or take very cool photos as I like,  I did not wanted … Continue reading The summer that fall off

Casa Bajlum

EN. This post is very special for me, not only because this brand have divine handmade things and brought to market through fair trade, I'm also a friend of the creator of the brand so I know about love and dedication that goes along with each purchase. Casa Bajlum is well known by  it's hats adorned … Continue reading Casa Bajlum

A midsummer morning’s dream

EN. Dear Miaus! I hope you are doing well, it has been some time since the last post and there is a very good reason for it! this time I'b bringing to you very special pictures <3. These are the result of an awesome collaboration between a bunch of powerful women plus different Mexican brands, … Continue reading A midsummer morning’s dream

First Workshop Define your Style and Change your Outfit

EN. Dear Miaus! This weekend I presented the first workshop "Define your Style and Change your Outfit" on Casa Teodora here in Guadalajara, it was a nice event with very good vibe, comments and learning from all the attendees. There was a theory session with advice on how to define your style and make sure you … Continue reading First Workshop Define your Style and Change your Outfit

Awesome Mexican brands that have the perfect Christmas presents

EN. Yes, we are a month away from Christmas and I'm already posting about this, but is for a good reason! We are just in the right moment to buy presents with time enough to get just the right thing for each person (in this regard I recommend you to  read the post "The eternal quest … Continue reading Awesome Mexican brands that have the perfect Christmas presents