Cool electronic devices

EN. Once I found the Roomba, a robot which sweeps and vacuums  I knew I was born in the right century. What I love most of technology is all applications does it have and they ways we always find new and sometimes weird ways to use it, so here some of my favourite tech devices, you may already … Continue reading Cool electronic devices

My experience at Campus Party MX 7

EN.Some weeks ago here in Guadalajara I have the opportunity to visit CPMX7, this is an event dedicated to gather people who share interest on innovation, science and digital entertainment. I really enjoy to be there at least one day, I think next year I'd like to be in more events and actively participate on … Continue reading My experience at Campus Party MX 7

This week let’s… Decorate your workspace

EN.Something we all need at our work space is comfort and familiarity to get in work mood, this could seem simple but is very important and could drastically affect your productivity, so this week I bring to you some ideas to decorate your work space and make you feel positive the whole day! ES.Algo que … Continue reading This week let’s… Decorate your workspace