The ultimate guide to fly with more than one pet

EN. Dear Miaus! Is very nice to see you here again, today i want to share with you a little different post but I hope it may be useful to someone. As you may already know I just moved from Mexico to United States and in the moving I did not bring so much stuff but … Continue reading The ultimate guide to fly with more than one pet

I moved to California

EN. Hi Dear friends! well this is not a surprise, specially for those who follow me on instagram but I just moved to California, I'm not even close to L.A.   so don't get ideas that I'm getting full time fashion blogger position, reality is a little bit more interesting and may be boring from … Continue reading I moved to California

Travel Kit Essentials

EN. Travel is joy, we can agree about that... except for those annoying moments in transit when we feel bored, tired or both. For a successful trip I always  plan ahead, this include my schedule, outfits and make sure to have plenty of time but the most important part is a good travel kit to feel … Continue reading Travel Kit Essentials

I fell in love with Korea

EN. Hi miaus! This month has been very busy and if you follow me on social media you had noticed that I went to Korea for vacation, it was a very good experience to go a country where everything is so different and be able to lear about their culture as well as lear about travel, … Continue reading I fell in love with Korea