Hand candy

EN. Hi people, thanks for coming back to check out my blog. Today I have a short but cool post. Recently I gave myself as birthday gift a few pieces of jewelry from a brand that I was dying to try, Cuca and Paloma, and since these arrived they become my everyday accessories. I wanted to … Continue reading Hand candy

What to wear on quarantine Made in Mexico

EN. Hello people, I hope your day is going well even on the weird situation we are all living at the moment. We have already heard and read everywhere about tips on what to do and not to do staying home, so today I want to focus on a way to help on this situation, sharing … Continue reading What to wear on quarantine Made in Mexico


EN. Extravagant campaign aesthetics for an easily chic design product, a winning pairing. I'm still learning about fashion, brands and styling, to be honest I think I'll never stop learning about it. As you may have noticed one of the things that I enjoy the most is looking for brands that communicate identity with their design, … Continue reading Medea

Carbon 38

EN. Looking for the perfect leather look-a-like legging? I have the answer to your pray, go to Carbon38. I swear by the versatility and edgy that a good pair of leather look-a-like leggings ara capable to achive on a look that you'll no regret having a pair of those. After getting 3 or 4 pais from … Continue reading Carbon 38

Ivan Avalos

EN. Unapologetic and happily free, that is how I would describe this brand. I've been looking around for their designs for a while but so far I've not yet being able to see one of their pieces in person. Sadly for me, the brand was present on the last Intermoda event in Guadalajara, so I was … Continue reading Ivan Avalos