Shopping Hacks

Hello miaus, today I bring to you a post based on my experience on shopping. I have been very lucky to have a sister, a brother and a boyfriend that are great at shopping that teach me how to get the best every time I buy something ; I really would like to bring to … Continue reading Shopping Hacks

Visitando La Mirilla

Miaus!! como se los prometí..un nuevo tipo de post en el blog. Hacer este video fue super divertido, llevo algo de tiempo organizarme para hacerlo pero espero que les guste mucho. La mirilla es uno de los bazares que mas me gustan y ver cuanta gente linda trae productos super cool es lo mas chido … Continue reading Visitando La Mirilla

Shopping at Pink Flamingo in Av. Guadalupe

Hello miaus!! Today I want to talk to you about my last visit to this store [Av. Guadalupe 1390, Chapalita, 45040 Zapopan, Jalisco, México], I have been on other Pink Flamingo before at Providencia [Terranova 1424, Providencia 4a. Secc, 44639 Guadalajara, Jalisco, México] and I always find cool things. So when I saw the bright pink sign … Continue reading Shopping at Pink Flamingo in Av. Guadalupe