Shopping at Empathy Store

EN.Hi Miaus! As you know I like to look around my beloved Guadalajara for nice clothing stores and local designers. Last weekend I found this pretty store, very complete and with true treasures from Mexican designers and other interesting stuff. ES.Hola Miaus! Como ustedes ya saben me encanta andar por mi amada Guadalajara buscando por lindas … Continue reading Shopping at Empathy Store

Geek Girls event for Fashion Interchange and Clothing Intervention

Update Dec/19/2016: En Plural store has been closed 😦 but this kind of events will still be hosted by Geek Girls Mx. Actualización Dic/19/2016: La tienda En Plural ha cerrado sus puertas 😦 pero estos eventos seguiran siendo auspiciados por Geek Girls Mx. EN.This weekend I have the opportunity to be with the GeekGirlsMx in an … Continue reading Geek Girls event for Fashion Interchange and Clothing Intervention

Summer outfit trends

EN.Hello Miaus! Today I feel really excited because we finally have a super cool summery weather here in Guadalajara and I'm crazy about wearing fresh and cool outfits, I already buy some new tops that I would love to wear as soon as possible!. In order to be ready for shopping on the trends of … Continue reading Summer outfit trends

My experience at Mi Armario (Venta de Garage)

EN.Miaus! Last weekend I went to a second hand and vintage bazaar and not just for shopping I also went there to sale many of the clothes I do not use anymore as well as some treasure pieces from my mom closet, it was a very interesting experience and in this post I want to … Continue reading My experience at Mi Armario (Venta de Garage)

Vintage Sale!!! – Mi armario (Venta de Garage)

EN.Dear Miaus! I'm super happy because my mom (finally) agree to sell many of the clothes she still have from 70's and 80's, of course a some of them are already on my wardrobe but I want to share with the world how awesome her collection is also in how good conditions all the clothes … Continue reading Vintage Sale!!! – Mi armario (Venta de Garage)

Why we cannot resist Zara?

EN.Walking into Zara is always a bitter-sweet experience, at least for me it always is my dear miaus... finding pretty nice pieces on a very affordable price (in comparison to a very similar pieces from designers) but at the same time feeling like another girl wearing the same in the world, but the thing is … Continue reading Why we cannot resist Zara?