How does it feels to turn 30

EN. Dear Miaus! Thanks once again for coming over to read. In this new post I want to share with you some of the stuff that has been in my head last days because of my 30th (OMG) birthday, I know is a "huge" number, specially for women because culturally we are always worried about … Continue reading How does it feels to turn 30

Grateful is the new black

EN. Dear Miaus, first of all Marry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!! I hope you had take advantage of these days to be with your loved ones and take care of yourself with some rest <3. Today I want to talk to you about being grateful; many times in my life I've felt lost but when I … Continue reading Grateful is the new black

Visit to Syrihee Ceramics workshop

  EN. Dear Miaus, as you know if you have been reading the blog for a little while, I totally love to learn about local design in Guadalajara and recently I just meet a talented young lady that owns her own ceramics business, Mel also seems to be a long lost friend that I just found … Continue reading Visit to Syrihee Ceramics workshop

Fuerza Mexico

EN. This month Mexico has been in the news all around the world because of the incredible willpower the people show in adversity. Is ironic because we do celebrate our independency day on September 16th (this is the real deal date for Mexico and not May the 5th) and this year the tragedy give us a … Continue reading Fuerza Mexico

How to Improve your Beauty Sleep Routine

EN. You probably (as well as me) have some problems to make sure you get 7+ hours of sleep every night and we have all heard about this problem, the main reason is because we love Netflix and our portable electronics to stay with us till very late in the night, so the ultimate way I've … Continue reading How to Improve your Beauty Sleep Routine

Getting closer to *THE* 30

EN. At the end of this month I´ll turning 29 and I have to admit that few years ago I thought the adults knew what they were doing, now I realise that most of the people just go with the flow but not necessarily think their big decisions in life that deep. I cannot say I completely … Continue reading Getting closer to *THE* 30