My experience at Sisters 2015 – Girls in Tech

Some weeks ago I was invited to assist to a very cool event, SISTERS 2015 sponsored by Intel Guadalajara, specifically at UAG (Autonomous University of Guadalajara), I feel honored to be invited as a woman engineer to talk about my experience on this field and it was awesome to share stories and toughs with all … Continue reading My experience at Sisters 2015 – Girls in Tech

How to look younger – the Miau’s way

Hello miaus!! I don't know if you have noticed but I am 27y/o, maybe you did maybe not. The way I look never really bother me unless when that affects other people perception of my skills or my work because I can look “noobie” so before we start with this I want to add this … Continue reading How to look younger – the Miau’s way

Visitando La Mirilla

Miaus!! como se los prometí..un nuevo tipo de post en el blog. Hacer este video fue super divertido, llevo algo de tiempo organizarme para hacerlo pero espero que les guste mucho. La mirilla es uno de los bazares que mas me gustan y ver cuanta gente linda trae productos super cool es lo mas chido … Continue reading Visitando La Mirilla

Everything is changing

Dear and furry miaus:The last month has been very exiting for me, so many things have changed!. As you may already know I live with my boyfriend and my three baby cats (and I said baby because they are like my kids).  We moved to a pretty new home which is super cool but also … Continue reading Everything is changing

My crazy dependency on technology

Hello miaus! Last week something crazy happened  to me and I really would like to share it with you guys and gals; everyday I go to work with my boyfriend, basically he drives me to work and everything is cool, but all this week he  has been on travel so a friend drove me to work... … Continue reading My crazy dependency on technology

No matchy-matchy

Hi miaus!! there has been ages since the last time I write to you guys! and believe me it has been an eternity for me, part of the reason for that is that I just moved to a new home and accomplished a very big goal on my work recently but I'll talk to you … Continue reading No matchy-matchy