5 Things that happen when you are an engineer girl

Today I would like to share with you guys some of the things that happen when you are “put your major/occupation here” but  also I list some of those situations from the engineering point of view, in any case I am pretty sure you will identify yourself with many of them, so let’s get started.


Quesadilla on her laptop

1. People ask you to fix their stuff (not just computers).

I has been asked to fix irons, phones, computers and also toys; in some cases I did on others I had to say that I can’t do it because it was too complicated or simply I cannot get tools or materials to complete the fix. This is not something that annoys me but many people thinks that you can do it for free and others just ask you about their stuff in the worst moments (Physicians will know what I am talking about) and we all know guys that work is hard so don’t do it  for free!!


Nice antenna in the middle of the sky

2. You see the world on your oun terms.

No matter where I go, everything could be analyzed from an engineering point of view. I love to go on the street and while looking around trying to understand how does all this works? On the street  many times I think about all the pipes and internal structures that are below my feet and makes the city work or when I buy a new make up I also start  to think on its creation and manufacture process from which that specific product came from. Everything is curiosity for me.



3. There are jokes that just you and your colleages will understand.

There are certain things that just when you are around your peers make perfectly sense and are even funny, engineers are famous to be very narrowed but we are very perceptive about  jokes, indeed that is the main reason because we have not just T-shirts also stores full on gadgets and incredible stuff just to make us smile.


4.  You feel proud about what you do.

This could happen no matter which career or major you choose but  for me this is one of the reasons because I am engineer, is amazing how you can create something from scratch and when I see all my hard work actually working the smile on my face is priceless! There are many ways to create, electronics is one of them, creations could be a little bit complicated but I love to see how math and physics applied can bring us incredible and innovative applications.


5. It worth it!!!

Is true that woman on STEM are not majority, not even close to 50% of it, is also true that it could be tough because you will be required to study very hard but if you end up working on STEM fields, you could be sure… you will  love what you do!!!. Also in America (continent) you could find work as girl engineer right after you are out of school and payment are also above the average for recently graduated.

Another thing is that as a woman you have more probability to get a scholarship or even a job just by the fact of being a woman, and don’t get me wrong this means that if you are on a selection process and you are as qualified as another man peer, there are more probabilities for the woman to get the job.

I hope you enjoy this post as well as your major, there are plenty of works that I consider myself unable to do properly and because of that I respect and admire all of them so I would love to know what kind of things also happened to you, no matter your field miau :D.

Have an amazing day miau!!

One thought on “5 Things that happen when you are an engineer girl

  1. 6) Tus amígas te consideran un ser mágico, unicorn like. ❤
    Sigue con los post amiguitas 🙂 you are getting better and better.


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