The super basic makeup routine

I love to makeup but to be honest I don’t wear makeup everyday but of course I always carry on my purse the infallible makeup kit that never fails to get me ready in 5 mins. Today I want to share  my routine with you miaus, hope you find it useful and of course I’d love to read about what are  your favs basics for makeup routine. But first, let me take a selfie!! (on bare face) so you can see the difference.

Bare face


Clean and fresh skin

Of course a nice make up starts with a nice and fresh face, I like to wash my face with cold water and neutral soap, then I like to use the L’Orèal Youth Code serum which is not cream neither gel but keep your skin hydrated and soft, then a little bit of sun protection with Avène High Protection Cleanance and to finish another product from L’Orèal Youth Code Pore Vanisher which is a texture perfector and is great to matify the shine effect of sunscreen, you can even use only this without makeup and feel stunning.


Smooth face

I am a BB cream lover, I tried some of them but  my top choice is L’Orèal Nude Magique BB cream. It does not feel oily like other bb creams, it also smells pretty good and provides a nice coverage. Another great thing  about this specific BB cream is the color, there are just two tones light and medium but thanks to its intelligent formula when you apply it, it will fit to your natural skin color, many other BB creams has much more variety of tones but many of them look weird because of the creamy formula.

If you are looking for something nice to wear on your face I really recommend you this one,  which is part of my favorite products.


Conceal and illuminati 

I noticed that is important to conceal and then apply base or bb cream to blend both and get the right  color, once you applied the color base I use the same concealer on my under eye circles, center of my forehead and nose as well as on the center of my upper lip, this isn’t only to conceal also to highlight because I only use my finger to slightly blur it but not mix it into the base color. On my daily routine I like to use the Sephora Touche lumière lissante concealer in medium 07 which is a brush concealer which provide basic and very natural coverage.



To change from plain to princess face I like to add just a little bit of blush, nothing very cheer, I prefer to use neutral or pink colors (it depends on your hair and skin color), today I am using the Bissú blush in tone Chabacano.

On my basic routine I try to keep it simple, in order to do it nothing helps more than a blush brush, I used to think it was unnecessary but results are more natural when I use it instead of the small brush that compacts ususally have or even applying it with myfingers. In my case I am sure I need a brush and I certainly recommend you to try for your every day routine if is not part of it now.


Brow-nian movement

This is optional for me because my brows are kind of thick but if you want extra impact or get a nice frame for your face just a little bit of Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil is a very good option, it is a pencil with a nice “almost natural” coverage  in one side  and a brow brush in the other. I like to use it in soft brown which is slightly lighter than my black natural color but it’s ok for me. I’d never use bare black on my brows or I’d look weird, I know it is because  I tried once and I ended up looking like Bert from Sesame Street :S.


Lash, lash baby

The simplest trick ever but always works, just a little bit of mascara will open your eyes and get you an interesting look, some people like to use mascara directly on their lashes, I also use a lash curler to get more impact. About products, I’ve tried some of them and I can tell you that my best pics are Stiletto Mascara from Maybelline and from Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Dramatic Volume mascara and the one that I been trying the last days is the G&K WOW Mascara.


Ready, Set powder, go

Some people like to use only BB cream, I also like to dust a little bit over top with powder to matify, the infalible favourite for me is the Chanel Vitalumière Compact Douceur (for me Beige 30 is the right color), if you apply powder with a sponge you’ll get more coverage and your make up will look complete, if you just dust it with brush you’ll get a very natural look with matt finish, also it will last on your face all day long.


The lord of the lips

Of course to get a complete look nothing like a pretty lips, the first step to get them is prep and The Body Shop Lip Exfoliating is a very good one, smooth and effective. After that if I want a natural look I only apply a thin layer of CARMEX which is an infalible lip balm to keep away any crack, but for those days in which I want too get a complete and polished look I also like to apply red or orange red lipstick, nothing look so “put together” than impact colored lips.

Hope you like this post miaus and I would love to read and hear more about what you do on you everyday make up routine.

Have a nice day miaus and if you like this post take a look on the blog and subscribe!! 😀


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