Navy Blue with white stripes and Carey Glasses

Aunque el atuendo es clásico,  debo confesarles que los lentes de carey no eran algo que me gustara pero cuando vi estos definitivamente me encantaron! tenia mis dudas pero los compré de todas formas, les platico esto porque muchas veces me ha pasado que veo algo que me encanta pero pienso mucho si comprarlo o no. Lo que he aprendido es que si sales de la tienda y no puedes dejar de pensar en ello quizás debas volver.

Este post miaus lo hice para compartirles que muchas veces unos jeans con flats y top con este patron clásico me han hecho sentir mucho mas segura y elegante que cuando me esmero en lograrlo. Otra cosa que adoro de este look es la comodidad, igual lo usaría para salir a desayunar o para un día ajetreado de pendientes. Miaus yo siempre trato de recordar que la elegancia no consiste en lo que llevas puesto si no en lo segura y elegante que te sientas o como decía Coco: “El lujo debe ser comido si no no es lujo”.


This outfit is classic but I need to confess that carey glasses didn’t like me in the beginning but once I saw these ones I definitely loved them! I had some doubts but I bought them any way. I am sharing this with you guys because many times had happened to me that I see something that I love but I think so much if  I should  buy it or not. What I have learned is that if you get out of the store but you can’t get that out of your head maybe you should go back.

I did this post miaus to share with you that many times wear jeans with flats and this classic pattern top has made me feel much more confident and elegant than when I really work hard to achieve it; another thing that I love about this outfit is how comfortable it is, I would use it for a brunch o for a busy day of many things to do. Miaus I always try to remember that elegance does not consist on what you are wearing, is about how confident and elegant you feel or as Coco used to say: “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise is not luxury”.

Let me fix my hair


Just smile!!

Hector FG – Itzcuauhtli Photograph For Le Poor Fashonista

Hair – Top Fussion

Make up – Me!! (Perla Moncada)

Glasses – Vans

Top – Zara

Bracelet – Vintage preset from my family

Purse – H&M

Jeans – Levis

Flats – LOB

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